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To establish a constantly growing and evolving worldwide network of top notch professionals and companies with an unprecedented variety of unique skills and talents, with a focus on sustainable development and a non negotiable ethical work praxis.

To help individuals, companies and non-profit organisations worldwide to excel, to develop themselves to their maximum potential, with highest levels of productivity, efficiency and efficacy in a sustainable way. To lead a worldwide movement towards sustainable & ethical management, positive transformation and personal responsibility.

To serve others and help them achieve their goals.


One company, countless opportunities

Powerminds was founded by Enrique Videla in Zug, Switzerland, as a consulting and investment company with the aim to establish a worldwide network of high quality companies and professionals passionate about excelling in everything they do, willing to join forces and talents in order to create synergies to allow the highest possible added value, focusing on sustainable personal and economic development.

Powerminds offers the advantages of a small company (flexibility, responsiveness, innovation skills, variety regarding talents and competences) with the capabilities and reliability of the big corporations thanks to our strong network of companies and top-notch professionals and their vast experience.

Powerminds also aims to become an influential think-tank regarding sustainability and worldwide integral human development.

Enrique Videla
Enrique Videla is an experienced executive and entrepreneur with international scope. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he grew up in a very multicultural environment where he learnt both Swiss-German and Castilian Spanish as his mother-tongues. In Argentina he completed his studies of the German and English languages, he competed actively in soccer (champion of the Buenos Aires University league, UADE, 1995), athletics, table-tennis and chess (individual and team-champion of the Argentinian-German community tournament) and he attained his Master in Public Relations (management and strategic communication).

In 2002, Enrique moved to Zurich, Switzerland, to deepen his international experience and knowledge of the technology, advertising, consulting, mining, industrial machinery, chemicals and entertainment sectors. He also obtained a great and remarkable experience as a kid’s soccer trainer and head-coach, he perfected his skiing and mountaineering skills, and broadened his knowledge and skills in the martial arts. Nowadays, Enrique resides in Zug, Switzerland, he is a father of 3 kids, he is still an active sportsman (double champion of Zurich’s company soccer league, 2014/2015, with the FC IBM), he develops projects in business, the arts, philanthropy and ecology, and he devotes himself with passion to what he does the best: to help organisations and individuals to excel, reach their goals and to develop themselves to their maximum potential in a sustainable and highly satisfying way.

Our value proposition

You’ll love to work with us!

To thrive, to achieve more, to have a greater impact.

You concentrate in your core competences, we do the rest for you.
We work with you to get results, fast. We are competent, we know how to communicate at every level, we are uncomplicated and transparent.


What makes us different?

A unique combination of global vision with local execution, unlimited production of powerful ideas, leadership, boundless creativity, disruptive talent, ability to innovate and to execute, transparency, analytic and holistic mentality, multiculturalism, passion to excel and honesty

We’d love to work with you!

We are eager to master new challenges and to help you turn your projects into reality.

But, it has to be
• relevant
• fun
• legal
• authentic
• sustainable
• interesting
• necessary

Core Services

We do what we can do the best. For everything else we have great partners for you.


Discover new, more effective ways to achieve your goals.


We manage your projects for you efficiently, timely and under budget.

LICENSING (software, patents)

We negotiate the best value for money for you and keep track of your license renewals.


We help you to optimise or change your business processes and to implement them in a sustainable way.


Four closely related success factors

Business Development

Business Development

• Business Intelligence
• Big Data & Economic Network analytics
• Business Strategies
• Sustainable Leadership
• Strategic Communication
• Market Strategy
• Innovation in marketing
• Sales Strategy
• Innovation in sales
• Channel Strategy
• Human Resources Power
• Swarm Intelligence and Productivity
• Leadership & Communication
• Communicational Strategy (short, medium & long-term)
• Creativity
• Socionomics - Digital & Traditional Media - BTL & ATL


• Network Intelligence
• Big Data & Analytics
• CRM & Lead Management
• Application Development (Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Interfaces, SAP)
• IT Infrastructure
• Energy efficiency
Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching

• Integral Human Development
• High performance training & coaching
• Mindfulness & positive psychology
• Best use of new technology tools
• Big Data & Economic Network analytics
• Best practices in sales
• Innovation in sales
• Best practices in marketing
• Innovation in marketing
• Turn sustainability into a competitive advantage
• Change Management
• Long-lasting implementation of new processes


• Competitive advanjage
• Sustainable Leadership
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Human Development
• Health
• Work-Life Balance
• Energy Efficiency
• Reuse & Recycling of ressources


There are two concepts that have the potential to positively affect your chances of success for ever, if they are understood and correctly implemented:

Network Intelligence

- Network Intelligence refers to the ability to analyse, understand and make proper use of social and economic networks and data. Here we are still at the beginning of a global tendency aiming to identify and understand the human dynamic of these networks in order to discover their underlying potential for you to achieve your goals (find the right investors, clients, customers, influencers, etc.). It’s all about finding and working with the right people. By doing so you can massively optimise the use of your resources while reducing your operational costs and thus increasing your rentability.

Enrique Videla is one of only about 5 people in all Europe who have the professional experience in the successful, professional implementation of Network Intelligence programs as part of strategic initiatives in Business Intelligence and Business Development (Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Investments).

Network Intelligence: Be more effective, be more efficient, reach your goals faster and in a sustainable way.

Swarm Intelligence

- Swarm Intelligence refers to the greater ability of a group of individuals to find the more adequate solutions to challenges and problems, achieving better, long lasting results, compared to the efforts of lonely warriors (executives, business leaders, etc.). It’s about tapping into the creative power and the knowledge of your stakeholders at every level of an organisation, it’s about integrating them in the development and evolution of your enterprise. By doing so you can massively improve your chances of success and secure a long lasting, sustainable development of your company, foundation or public organisation, by reinforcing the loyalty and commitment of your stakeholders.

Swarm Intelligence: leave your old paradigms behind, expand your intellectual power, do the right things, do what matters the most to your customers, to your employees, to your community and to your investors.


Alone we are very strong. Teaming up with our partners we are much stronger!



Do you want to achieve more as ever before?
Are you planing to start a new venture or project?
Are you or your organisation struggling at the moment and you need strong help quickly?

Is sustainability an important topic for you but you don’t know where to start?
Are you or your team already successful, but you want to go to the next level of achievement and satisfaction?

Whatever your goals or needs are, decide to move further now and get in touch with us.
We’ll be glad to help you advance!

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